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DS Lite Skins!!! (FAQ)

What is in the kit?  
The kit includes a high-performance durable vinyl skin for your Nintendo DS Lite and good installation directions.  Nearly 100% of the gloss area of the Nintendo DS Lite case is protected.
Volume/power switch, headphone jack, GA port, and stylus are all accessible with the skin installed. To access the battery compartment, the skin must be removed.

What color options are available?  
Currently we offer, Snow white, Ultra metallic blue,
Metallic Silver, Tangerine,
Matte black, Gloss black,
Green Apple, Superman Blue
and Red Popsicle.

Why this skin vs. others?
We designed the DS Lite skin to protect your DS Lite case - tastefully.
Other skins on the market attempt to "theme" the device while leaving much of the unit unprotected.

The kit can be removed and will reveal your DS Lite in its original pristine glory. The kit cannot be reused once it has been removed.

How much?  $10.00 (includes ship to U.S.), we also ship to the U.K.

How do I order?  

Please click the "Buy Now" button to place an order online. If you prefer, we do accept checks, please email us at and we will provide you further instructions. Of course our online order process will get you a more rapid shipment since we process your order as soon as we receive payment.

More questions?  Please email us at!